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Procrastination is Your Friend

Inner Diva Dilemma:

You're down on yourself for being the world's biggest procrastinator. You've got X thing to do and you're dragging your feet, doing anything but. No amount of cheer-leading, badgering or bribing yourself is getting you there. What is the problem- why do you keep beating around the bush with this?!

What There Is For You To Know:

You're stalling for a reason. Procrastination is actually a gift to you from yourself. It's your Inner Knowing telling you something is off. Maybe it's the timing. Maybe Project X is not what you need to be doing. Maybe you really do need a little break. Maybe this project is a big deal for some part of you and that part of you wants acknowledgment. The stalling is keeping you from burning unneeded energy because something is off.

The Biggest Procrastination Story Ever:

I've got a procrastination story that lasted seven years! When I was a performing musician, I constantly had the to-do list item "Make cold calls to book gigs" on my list. Every week I'd put the item at the top of my list only to watch myself do anything to avoid it. "Procrastinator!" I accused. "Stop being such a dud. Get on with it already!"

For seven years I replayed this same routine. Then, finally, one day I realized, "I hate cold calls. And when I check deep within myself, I have a strong sense that cold calls are not what's going to bring my success, even though everyone says you have to do them." I dropped the cold calls and soon after discovered an unusual approach that happened to really work for me.

Try It On The Fly:

Ahhh, how nice would it be to skip the self-flagellation of "You're such a procrastinator" and instead skip right to what's really going on? So next time you find yourself dragging your feet about something, cast away the "Procrastinator" label and don the "Inner Knowing" label instead. Take a minute to sincerely ask yourself from the heart, "What is really going on?"

Tips For Troubleshooting:

If you still can't identify what's really going on, that's okay. The big juice here is having recognized that your Inner Knowing is telling you something is off rather than kicking yourself thinking something is wrong with you. Congratulate yourself on this! And keep checking with your Inner Knowing. It's like a muscle- the more you play with using it, no matter how clumsy your attempts, the more you'll get to know it and recognize when it is tapping you with some information.

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